Tuesday, 3 November 2009

10th South East Asian Food Festival 第十屆東南亞美食嘉年華 (第十届东南亚美食嘉年华)


The 10th South East Asian Food Festival has become renowned for its folk songs and dances (5 & 6 November from 8:00pm to 10:00pm) and Southeast Asian Food Street (7 & 8 November from 4:00pm to 10:00pm).

Favourites such as Thailand's Tom Yum Kung soup and Burmese soup with coconut milk-based powder and cakes are sure to delight, as will curry-based Indian food and the milder flavours of some of the region's many famous dishes.

第十屆東南亞美食嘉年華將於11月5日至8日 (連串民族歌舞表演 - 11月5日及6日晚上8時至10時, 以及設有東南亞美食街 - 11月7日及8日下午4時至晚上10時), 一連4日假澳門舊城區三盞燈圓形地舉行。

三盞燈四週向來遍佈東南亞食肆。 這一帶將搖身變成步行區, 多個香噴噴的美食攤檔如泰國美食不可或缺的冬蔭公湯、緬甸美食中的魚湯粉和以椰汁為主的糕點、以咖喱為主的印度美食等。