Sunday, 15 November 2009

Joe Junior Golden Hits concert at Sands Macau 祖·尊尼亞澳門金沙金曲演唱會 (祖·尊尼亚澳门金沙金曲演唱会)


In the 1960s, Joe Jr. was a hugely successful English pop song singer and will always be remembered for his romantic songs: Here's a Heart, Voice of Love, Deborah, I Gotta Find Cupid and more. Here’s a Heart – released back in the summer of 1967 – by Joe Jr. & The Side-Effects, was on the top of the Hong Kong radio charts for seven weeks.

Joe Jr. performs both on camera for popular Hong Kong television shows and on the stage for audiences in Hong Kong and Macau. Although he may have been born and raised in Hong Kong, Joe Jr. (Jose Maria Rodrigues Jr.), is actually of Macau ancestry.

Date : Saturday, 12nd December 2009

Time : 8pm

Venue : Sands Theater

Ticket Price : MOP$450, MOP$300

Language : English

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六十年代著名英語流行曲歌手Joe Jr. 的浪漫情歌總令歌迷留下深刻印象, 其代表作有Here’s a Heart, Voice of Love, Deborah, I Gotta Find Cupid等。 1967年Joe Jr.另組Side-Effects樂隊並重唱歌曲Here’s a Heart, 其精彩的演釋令此曲連續七周高據流行榜榜首, 在香港的受歡迎程度遠勝英國搖滾樂隊Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick和Tich的原唱演譯。 其成名曲Here’s a Heart更於1982年推出粵語版, 成為電影主題曲。

今天Joe Jr.的演藝事業更涉及香港影視界, 長居香港的他祖籍澳門, 一直以來他為香港及澳門的觀眾帶來精彩演出。

日期 : 12月12日星期六

時間 : 晚上 8 時正

地點 : 金沙演奏廳

價格 : 澳門幣$450, $300

語言 : 英文

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