Sunday, 15 November 2009

MGTO launches book in tribute to Macanese food 旅遊局發行烹飪書《澳門珍饈百味》宣傳澳門獨有美食 (旅遊局发行烹饪书《澳门珍馐百味》宣传澳门独有美食)

Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) host a “Taste Macau” dinner in tribute to the Macanese Culinary, with the opening of the 9th Macau Food Festival. On the occasion, MGTO launched the book “Macanese Culinary – 100 Specialities”, authored by João António Ferreira Lamas, to promote the Macanese food unique to Macau.

A number of dinner representatives from several related association were invited to the “Taste Macau” dinner, which was held at the Macau Tower, to taste a menu of special Macanese food, accompanied with Portuguese wine. The event was participated by the representatives of Wine Society of Macau, the Macau Culinary Association, the United Association of Food & Beverage Merchants of Macau, the Macau Chinese Culinary Chefs Association, and the Slow Food Macau Movement, among other guests.

During the dinner MGTO launched the book “Macanese Culinary – 100 Specialities”, the book has a trilingual edition, in Chinese, Portuguese and English. João António Ferreira Lamas - almost 90 years old Portuguese who married with late Macanese Ercília Maria de Sousa Nolasco da Silva, attended to this presentation. The book gathers hundred of recipes of Macanese gastronomy, mostly homemade ones little known by the public selected from the author’s immense collection, which he now shares in this book as one more attempt to keep this unique cuisine tradition alive.

澳門旅遊局為慶祝配合第九屆澳門美食節, 11月13日舉辦 “不一樣的風味”晚宴。 同場又舉行《澳門珍饈百味》烹飪書發行儀式, 宣傳澳門獨有的土生葡人美食。

旅遊局特別邀請相關團體代表參加這次特色晚宴, 品嚐澳門獨有的土生葡人美食及葡萄酒。 參加“不一樣的風味”晚宴的團體包括澳門洋酒協會、澳門廚藝協會、土生葡人美食聯誼會、澳門飲食業聯合商會、澳門中廚協會及澳門慢食文化協會等。

旅遊局又於席間舉行《澳門珍饈百味》烹飪書發行儀式, 作者由葡萄牙赴澳出席儀式。 作者若瑟安東尼奧拉瑪士是葡萄牙人, 他已去世的太太蘇沙諾拉斯克蕭華生於澳門, 擁有大量土生葡人食譜。 若瑟積極搜集相關食譜, 當中包括一些甚少公開的家庭食譜。 年近九十歲的若瑟特意整理食譜及出書發行, 與世人分享這獨有美食。 此書包含一百款土生葡人美食食譜, 註有中英葡文字。