Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Green light to reclaim 362 hectares of land in Macau 澳門填海361公頃建設新城區 (澳门填海361公顷建设新城区)


Macau has finally been given the green light to reclaim 361.65 hectares of land for the “Macau-Taipa new city plan”. During the process of the reclamation, it is requested to manage, reinforce protection of the surrounding environment and also fully perform the construction role of the new urban area.

The new reclaimation area will comprise a large amount of public facilities, green space, as well as reserve a proper amount of land for public housing construction and the development of certain industries to diversify Macau’s economy, and the linking to the long-term development goal of Macau.

The Macau-Taipa new city reclamation project involved a reclamation of 398 hectares, which was first mentioned in the 2006. This new urban area was estimated to have a population capacity of around 120,000 and support Macau’s next 20 years of development. According to the plan, reclamation will be carried out in Macau’s northeastern corner (near the Oriental Pearl, Areia Preta), Taipa’s western part (opposite to the Ocean Gardens), central part (opposite to the original site of the “Ocean World”) and the eastern part (Pac On). It states that no gaming facilities and low-density residential projects such as villas would be allowed on this newly acquired land under this current plan.

政府填海造地三百六十多公頃以建設澳門新城區, 並要求加強保護周邊環境。 填海造地可解決土地資源不足及加快城市建設展, 提升市民綜合生活素質, 促進未來的協調和可持續發展產生極為強大的推動力。

澳門政府在2006年申報填海規劃的初步研究建議, 提出分別在澳門半島的東北、新口岸孫逸仙大馬路以南及氹仔以北共填海3.98平方公裡。 2009年4月, 政府再次規劃填海造地計劃, 面積將達5平方公裡。 初步方案分別在澳門半島南面及東北面, 以及氹仔北面共5個區域發展新城區。 預計可容納11至12萬人口, 供澳門未來二十年發展。