Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Harrah’s seeks to bring casino to Macau 哈樂斯娛樂希望將凱撒皇宮品牌落戶澳門 (哈乐斯娱乐希望将凯撒皇宫品牌落户澳门)

Caesars Palace at Las Vegas

The world’s biggest casino company - Harrah’s Entertainment is seeking to bring the Caesars Palace to Macau. The plans were disclosed by its chairman and chief executive Gary Loveman in an interview. Harrah’s has owned a golf course on Cotai since 2007.

"There's nothing immediately active that could lead us there," Loveman tells Bloomberg. "We've made it very clear we would like to see the Caesars Palace brand in Macau. We certainly recognize there are six licensees, and somehow or other it has to fit through that lens."

However, entering the local market would require working jointly with an existing operator, as the limit of licences is six. The brand has already held preliminary talks with unnamed Macau operators. Besides, Harrah’s is also trying to expand in other parts of Asia, and in the United States, in particular in Massachusetts and Ohio.

Harrah’s Entertainment own four properties in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and seven on the Las Vegas Strip, including Caesars Palace.

哈樂斯娛樂公司董事局主席、總裁兼行政總監Gary Loveman希望將凱撒皇宮(Caesars Palace)品牌落戶澳門, 明言作為世界最大賭場公司之一, 希望在中國尋求新的市場增長。 哈樂斯娛樂公司集團旗下公司2007年9月收購澳門東方高爾夫球場, 並命名為凱撒高爾夫(Caesars Golf), 外界一直視高爾夫球場是該集團參與澳門博彩業的跳板。

Gary Loveman說哈樂斯也希望擴大在亞洲其他地區市場, 以及馬薩諸塞州和俄亥俄州。