Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Macau’s Largest "Kids' City" Soon Debuts at City of Dreams 新濠天地呈獻全澳最大型的兒童樂園 - 「童夢天地」 (新濠天地呈献全澳最大型的儿童乐园 - 「童梦天地」)

Kids' City


City of Dreams announced the countdown to the launch of its one-of-a-kind kids play zone "Kids' City" - an exciting new feature at the leisure and entertainment destination. Macau's largest kids' attraction will be officially opened to the public in the first quarter of 2010 and is the first part of a range of new and exciting experiences the resort will introduce in 2010.

“"Kids' City" offers a wide variety of activities to allow every child to explore an opportunity to discover their own path of enjoyment and creativity. Parents can certainly join in the fun or enjoy other facilities at City of Dreams in the knowledge their kids are being supervised by industry trained professionals,” said Mr. Greg Hawkins, President of City of Dreams.

This approximately 1,000 square-meter children's playground will group all facilities under four distinct zones EXCITE, EXPLORE, DREAM, and CREATE. This includes multi-climbing facility, video games, bouncing castle, bubble play, arts and crafts, stage performance, and a princess dress up. Each area will provide new and creative methods of interaction for the children. The venue will also offer themed hassle-free kids' birthday parties with party planners to ensure an unforgettable birthday experience. A stage will be featured to continually refresh the entertainment offerings from music events and performances. It is designed not only to offer just great fun, but a tool to nurture every child‟s abilities and confidence through various avenues offered at their own pace.

新濠天地隆重宣佈「童夢天地」這個令人興奮的兒童樂園。 這個全澳最大型的兒童樂園已進入啟用的最後倒數階段, 並將於2010年第一季正式開幕。 屆時, 勢必為2010年度度假村內一連串嶄新的精彩娛樂體驗揭開序幕。

新濠天地之總裁賀堃先生表示:「『童夢天地』將提供多種各類型的多元化活動, 能讓每個小朋友都能夠親身探索屬於他們自己的歡樂及創意之路。 小朋友在我們專業人員的陪同下可盡情玩樂。 而家長亦可以選擇一同參與, 或享用新濠天地的各項精彩設施。 『童夢天地』的開幕將會是新濠天地的另一個里程碑, 更進一步強化新濠天地為遊客提供多元化體驗的理念, 全面照顧每一代追求休閒娛樂賓客的需要。」

「童夢天地」佔地約1,000平方米, 劃分了四個不同的區域, 包括: 「激發」、「探索」、「夢想」及「創造」。 這些區域包括了一個多用途攀爬設施、電視遊戲、跳躍城堡、泡泡機、手作天地,舞台表演與及公主服飾裝扮。 每一區域將以創新的互動方式呈現給每位小朋友。 該場地還將提供派對策劃人為小朋友及家長製造「無煩惱」的完美難忘生日派對。 而活動舞臺方面, 則透過不斷更新的音樂節目及舞台表現為特色。 「童夢天地」不但令小朋友歡樂而歸, 更可以透過各種不同的途徑培育小朋友的才能及自信。