Tuesday, 22 December 2009

University of Macau new campus promotional video

The new campus of the University of Macau, connected with Macao by a waterway, is located in the east of Hengqin Island, Guangdong Province, with Hengqin Mountain forming a beautiful backdrop. Covering a plot of land of 1.0926 km2 and with a total floor area of approximately 820,000 m2, it will be nearly 20 times larger than the existing campus and will be able to accommodate approximately 10,000 students. An underwater tunnel will be built to connect the new campus with Macao. People will be able to conveniently access the campus from the Macao side at any time without going through any immigration control.

澳門大學新校區位於廣東省橫琴島東部,與澳門一河相連,背倚蔥綠秀美的橫琴山,佔地1.0926平方公里,比現時的校園約大20 倍,建築面積約82萬平方米,可容納約一萬名學生。澳門與新校區之間將興建一條河底隧道連接,從澳門一方可全天候隨時進出校園, 沒有邊檢阻隔,非常方便