Friday, 25 December 2009

Viva Macau to open Macau-Hanoi route 非凡航空推出澳門 - 河內新航班服務 (非凡航空推出澳门 - 河内新航班服务)

Hoan Kiem Lake at Hanoi

Viva Macau Airlines will open a direct route to Hanoi to celebrate the Tet (Vietnamese new year) holiday and offer special off-peak fares on the occasion. The service will commence from 13 February with three flights weekly on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The airline is offering special off-peak fares from US$25 one way on economy class on the route while business class tickets are also available from $199 one way, excluding taxes and surcharges.

Hanoi is the capital and second-largest city of Vietnam, located on the right bank of the Red River and 1,760 km north of Ho Chi Minh City. It is a fascinating city with a mixed culture from the East and West. Because of centuries of influence from China as well as colonial occupation by France, its buildings and history are full of Chinese and French cultures. Presently, Hanoi is undergoing a fast pace of modernization and economic growth, and the city is the “rising star” in Southeast Asia.

In October 2010, Hanoi City will officially mark the 1000 years of the establishment.

Viva Macau, which began its Vietnam operations with a flight to Ho Chi Minh City two years ago with four flights a week. The airline also operates flights to Japan, Australia, Indonesia and mainland China.

非凡航空宣布將於2月13日起推出河內新航班服務, 將業務延伸到越南這個經濟增長迅速及旅游業發展蓬勃的市場。 令澳門和越南之間的來往交通更臻完善。 來往河內的航班出發為每星期二、四、六。

河內是越南的經濟及文化中心, 亦是該國最受歡迎的旅遊點之一。 河內是一個令人神往和融合了中西文化的地方, 位于紅河三角洲, 人口約400萬, 是越南北部最大城市和全國第二大城市。 因受到中國幾百年歷史的影響及法國的統治, 城市內都可看到富有中國和殖民地色彩的建築和文物。 目前的河內正以高速的步伐實現經濟現代化, 是東南亞發展國家中的明日之星。

澳門非凡航空是唯一一家提供直航來往澳門與澳洲、日本、越南和印尼的航空公司。 航機內提供兩種客艙級別, 分別為豪華艙與經濟艙, 為不同旅行者提供 "就是不同" 的飛行體驗。