Saturday, 20 March 2010

DJ ND - Belgium DMC Champion at Club Cubic


A prodigy in the world of scratch music, ND started his dj career back in 1998.

After 2 years of practice, he entered first battles then clubs and his amazing skills rapidly brought him to the top of both worlds.

Winner of several national and international battles, ND solidified his name on the International scene with his acolysts from The Guild (3 national titles, 3 times
runner-up at the DMC world team finals).

With nothing else to prove, ND was ready to elevate his career to the next level and
he started performing his signature sets in clubs such as The Carré (Willebroek –
Belgium), The B-Club (Braine l’Alleud – Belgium), The Man Ray (Paris – France),
The Taksim (Bochüm – Germany), Paard van Troje (Den haag – Netherlands),
Acqua Club (Zürick – Switzerland), Doctor Club (Kazan – Russia), Muse Club
(Shanghaï – China), Mix Club (Beijing – China), Dj Academy (Miami – USA) and
many more.

As a complete dj, ND didn’t neglect production. He released several successfull
mixtapes on Belgian’s most famous label (Illegal mixtape) and he also produced 2
acclaimed breakbeat records used by legends as Dj Craze, Dj A-trak, Dj Unkut, etc.
ND is also been active on the radio. He had his own show on Radio Vibration and
he’s mostly a regular dj on Fun Radio and Radi Contact (national radio’s).

Within the past 3 years, ND shared the stage with international dj’s and artists :
opening act of Q.Bert’s QFO Tour, after parties of Nas, Kelis, Akon, Fatman Scoop,
Big Ali, Rihanna, Clinton Sparks.

With countless radio shows, interviews, residencies and tours under his belt, DJ ND
is definitely a triple threat when it comes to skills, personality and experience.

After more then 10 years of practice, parties and battles, ND is still searching for new and innovative ways to bring his skills to the next level. Now at age of 27, he’s
member of the Ortofon World dj team and he continues flying around the world to discover new crowds, new sensations and new challenges.

1) Around The World With ND available on DVD and on Youtube
2) MTV DJ’s @ Home Battle
3) ND On Tour In China
4) DJ ND @ Blink King Party (Belgium)

Date: Saturday, 27th March, 2010
Location : Cubic Club

- Members Complimentary entry all night
- Before 12:30 - Complimentary entry for all on guest list
- After 12:30 - $200 for non members (included 2 standard drinks)