Saturday, 1 May 2010

Thursday Ladies Night with Fashion Models - Spin by DJ Moretts From Brazil at Cubic Club


Promotion price of ABSOLUT VODKA per bottle Mop $580

art of DJing, one can easily find, anywhere on the globe, someone to handle the decks. On the one hand, if the technique implicated in the DJ’s craft happens to be within everyone’s reach, on the other, the creativity and the inspirational element turn out to be extraordinary virtues, unique gifts of those who, like DJ Morett’s, distinguish themselves for their ability to raise technique to a whole new level.

Despite all efforts attempting to describe it, words turn up quite limited to express the grandeur and the aesthetical subtlety contained in the spectacle that DJ Morett’s offers to our senses. It is only witnessing, only listening to him play, that it becomes possible to make a precise picture of this; only thus one can comprehend what separates your average disk-jockey from a real maestro like DJ Morett’s. His presence is felt not merely from behind the decks, but, above all, by the music that flows and takes over the surroundings, where it creates a joyful and irresistible atmosphere. The beats, the melodies, the synths, the various sonorities which he seems to sculpt right there, in that very moment, take shape as a harmonic sound wave, that is not visible but can be felt, synesthesically, through all parts of our body, through our ears and each and every pore of our skin.

His feeling, his intuition, blended with an eclectic dynamism, are essential in his art of conducting the audience, decisive in the spontaneous, and at the same time exact, way in which he does his mixing. Be it in a small joint or in a major club, his talent consists in carrying people off their feet, knowing the momentum to speed up, taking them to a climax, or to slow down, preparing them for a new apex. The grandest skill of DJ Morett’s consists in establishing, between the audience and the sound environment, a complete symbiosis, turning each venue at which he performs into a perfect micro-cosmos of harmony and music. But then again, in order to profoundly grasp and have the living feeling of this experience, it is necessary to watch him in action.

Less than 10 years ago, Morett’s began what would quickly become a brilliant and promising DJ career. Impelled by his ever-increasing love for music and the pleasure felt in making people dance to it, he decided to devote himself totally to the thing. In 2003, he went on tour throughout the south of Brazil, sometimes discovering, sometimes creating his own opportunities to perform and gain notoriety in the local scene. It didn’t take long until he was playing, side by side, with some of the most important brazilian DJ’s (such as Fabrício Peçanha, Leozinho, Anderson Noise, André Pulse), and, right away, would be acknowledged for his talent and invited to undertake his first international tour. Destiny: Taiwan.

In Taiwan, musical and professional ripening were inevitable, while Morett’s performed at local clubs for a diversified and demanding audience. Afterwards, he took the risk to amplify his horizons, experimenting new styles and rhythms. As a result, he attracted Room 18 and Eden Club, two of the most important nightclubs in Taipei, both of them dedicated to Progressive House. Having attained the acknowledgement and the prestige that would open new doors, Morett’s took his way to Thailand, where he was soon invited to rock the famous Full Moon Party. Then, it was the turn of Zântica Club, a reputable club in Bangkok.

At that time, Morett’s was in evidence for lovers of electronic music in the four corners of Asia. The seeds were already sewed, it took only gathering the results. After that, he was requested to shake up the Dragon-I (, one of the most distinguished clubs in Hong Kong, where he gave a whole new meaning to the island’s concept of Progressive House. In 2005, another important conquest: he was then invited to show his unique style at La Fabrique from Paris, a true icon of Shanghai’s nightlife, where he attracted the sympathy of the Chinese audience, who immediately surrendered to the magic of his sound.

Back in Hong Kong, there he became the resident DJ at Volar (, a major club that receives, on a regular basis, some of the most renowned DJ’s all over the world: Hernan Cattaneo, Timo Maas, Anthony Papas, Nick Warren, Paolo Mojo, Chris Fortier, Paolo Mojo, Chris Fortier, Rick Stone, Guy Gerber, Joice Mercedes, among others. On account of his singularity and the great value conferred to him on behalf of the e-music appraisers of Hong Kong, Morett’s ended up also as a resident at Dragon-I, and at Sugar, where it is possible to go and watch his show.

In 2006, as an acknowledgment for his mastery on the decks, Morett’s was elected one of the best Electro House DJ’s in Hong Kong, receiving generous compliments of people such as John Aquaviva, Miss Kittin, Meat Katie, Tommy Sunshine, Technasia, Mandy, Joaquim Garraud, Lutzerkirtchem, David Amo and Julio Navas. Presently, he is one of the most disputed DJ’s among nightclubs in Hong Kong and other places in Asia. Whoever sees him perform, knows what it is about, and wants to repeat the experience; whoever hears it said about him, can’t wait to see him in action. How could it be different, given all his talent and geniality, combined with his firm dedication to offer excellent taste in music? Just like anywhere else in the globe, in any major electronic scene, people in Hong Kong know what they like, and recognize what proves to be good in terms of music. DJ Morett’s has discovered Asia and Asia has discovered DJ Morett’s, and the echoes yielded by this fortunate encounter reverberate until the rising sun…

Date: Thursday, 6th and 20th May, 2010
Location : Cubic Club

- Members Complimentary entry all night
- Before 12:30 - Complimentary entry for all on guest list
- After 12:30 - $150 for MEN (included 2 standard drinks)