Sunday, 30 March 2008

Angela Hewitt World Tour Piano Recital - Macau stop 加拿大籍鋼琴家安琪拉.休伊特澳門鋼琴演奏會 (加拿大籍钢琴家安琪拉.休伊特澳门钢琴演奏会)

Today's most sought-after interpreter of Johann Sebastian Bach's priceless legacy, Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt will perform in Macau in this coming April. Angela Hewitt had performed with the finest orchestras in the world and in the major concert halls of numerous cities.

The accomplished pianist, Angela Hewitt is now on a 14-month worldwide concert tour devoted to the eternal music of the German composer. Macau is one of the stop of her performance. She will play the entire Book I of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier without sheet music for audiences in Macau.

Time: 22 Apr 8:00 p.m.
Venue: Grand Auditorium, Macau Cultural Centre, Av. Xian Xing Hai, s/n, NAPE
Admission: MOP$250, 200, 150, 80
Organizer: Macau Cultural Centre
Telephone enquiries: 2870 0699

加拿大籍鋼琴家安琪拉.休伊特(Angela Hewitt)是在專家眼中最能演繹巴哈(Bach)鋼琴樂曲的演奏家之一。 她曾與世界級優秀的樂團, 以及在全球著名的音樂廳合作演出。 澳門將作為安琪拉.休伊特14個月全球巡迴演出其中一站。

澳門觀眾將可欣賞安琪拉.休伊特演奏巴哈於1722年出版, 《平均律鍵盤曲》第一集。 《平均律鍵盤曲》共有12組前奏及賦格曲, 涵蓋整個半音音階的大調和小調。

地點:澳門文化中心綜合劇院 / 冼星海大馬路
票價:澳門幣$250, 200, 150, 80
查詢電話:2870 0699