Sunday, 23 March 2008

Koi Kei bakery in Macau 澳門鉅記餅家 (澳门钜记饼家)

Initiated making almond cake and egg roll, Koi Kei bakery in Macau currently selling over 300 varieties of product. The most popular items include the almond cake, egg roll, crunchy peanut candy, and fillet of beef and pork.

New varieties include assorted nuts, "golden twist" pastry, seasoned orange peel cake, Portuguese style pineapple pastry, Chinese pastry, cookies with walnut, cookies with cashews, and an improved nougat.

Koi Kei bakery also owning their own factory in Macau, gaining recognition as the"most popular food souvenir" champion in Macau.

鉅記餅家首創現場即製即賣炭燒杏仁餅和蛋卷而馳名。 現售賣貨品已超過三百多款, 其中以杏仁餅、蛋卷、花生糖、豬、牛肉乾最深受顧客歡迎。

鉅記餅家在澳門自設廠房生產, 在2002年成為澳門手信食品銷量冠軍。 現佔全澳手信食品總銷量超過六成。