Sunday, 23 March 2008

La Bonne Heure Cuisine Francaise 良辰法國餐廳 (良辰法国餐厅)

Hidden on a narrow cobblestone lane just a few steps away from bustling Senado Square, La Bonne Heure Cuisine Francaise provide guests a fabulous French-style delightful dining experience.

A selection of food includes the hot goat cheese wrapped in delicate “ballotins” with Provencal herbs, or tender beef carpaccio with parmeggiano cheese flavored with white truffle. For the main course, choice would be pan-fried sea bass, a rare dish in Macau, or grilled veal rib seasoned with vegetables and natural juices.

The restaurant also serves as a gallery for Macau artists, who display their works on the walls in the upstairs and ground floor walls.

Address : Travessa de S. Domingos, No. 12AB, Macau
Phone : 2833 1209
Opening Hours : Sunday to Wednesday 12:00 - 15:00 and 17:30 - 22:00, Thursday to Saturday 17:30 - midnight

良辰法國餐廳距離熱鬧的議事亭隻有幾步之遙。 餐廳的裝潢風格浪漫, 又帶點波西米亞風味, 以石頭堆砌而成的拱門和柔和燭光是這裏的其中一大特色。

良辰法國餐廳提供高級法國紅酒, 菜色方面包括有新鮮海鮮, 道地法國美食以及無比美味的點心, 溫熱羊奶芝士和普羅旺斯香草一同裹在精緻的「ballotins」中, 或淋上白松露帕馬洛起司的柔嫩牛肉薄片, 這裡還供應澳門稀有的香煎海鱸魚或烤牛肋排, 搭配蔬菜和天然果汁等都是主菜的首選。

這家餐廳還是澳門藝術家的畫廊, 藝術家的作品陳列在二樓及一樓牆上。

地址 : 澳門板樟堂巷12號AB
電話 : 2833 1209
營業時間 : 周日至周三12:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 22:00, 周四至周六17:30 - 深夜