Monday, 21 April 2008

Cafe Panorama at Westin Resort 澳門威斯汀度假酒店Cafe Panorama西餐廳 (澳门威斯汀度假酒店Cafe Panorama西餐厅)

Pic Source : Westin Resort

Café Panorama at Westin Resort serves impeccable local, Asian, and international cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Guests can be choose to dine in the main dining room or enjoy a quiet dinner in the garden.

Address : Café Panorama, Westin Resort, 1918 Estrada de Hac Sa, Coloane, Macau
Tel: 88991020, 28871111

澳門威斯汀度假酒店Café Panorama提供各式各樣的地道佳肴, 以及亞洲各國的美食。 客人更可在進餐的同時欣賞到窗外清幽的園林景色。 西餐廳格調輕鬆寫意。

地址: 路環黑沙馬路1918號澳門威斯汀度假酒店大堂
電話: 88991020, 28871111