Monday, 21 April 2008

Edo Sushi Japanese Restaurant at Lisboa Hotel and Casino 葡京酒店江戶日本料理

The Edo Japanese Restaurant is one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in Macau. The restaurant offers a very extensive menu covering the full range of Japanese cuisine. The restaurant offers elegance and comfort and consistently good food, and it has been noted by many to have the freshest seafood such as swordfish, Japanese Kinki fish, and white tuna. The food are flown in from Japan daily.

Address : Ground floor, Lisboa Hotel and Casino, 2-4, Avenida de Lisboa, Macau
Tel : 28713888

江戶日本料理開業十五年, 一直以高級正宗日本菜在澳門打響名聲。 全店食材均由日本空運抵澳, 經由名廚主理確保為顧客提供最新鮮最多元化的日本刺身, 燒物, 煮物等。

地址: 中區葡京路2-4號葡京酒店舊翼地下
電話: 28713888