Friday, 13 March 2009

The Eight Chinese Restaurant at Grand Lisboa 新葡京酒店8餐廳 (新葡京酒店8餐厅)

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With its lavish interior conceived by reowned Hong Kong designer Alan Chan, The Eight is an intimate Chinese restaurant offering Cantonese and Huaiyang cuisine. Lucnhtime featues over 50 kinds of dim sum.

Location : Second Floor of Grand Lisboa Casino and Hotel
For Reservation : 88037788

Opening Hours :
Lunch - Monday to Saturday 11:30 - 14:30,
Lunch - Sunday & Public Holiday 10:00 - 15:00
Dinner - Daily 18:30 - 22:30

Chef Recommendation

Braised Cucumber and Baby Spinach with Fried and Braised Conpoy
(Regular) $98
太極金絲錄柳 - 例$98

Sauteed Shrimps with Crab Roes in Mustard Sauce
(Regular) $148
百花芥辣蝦仁 - 例$148

Scramble Egg White with Diced Scallop and Crab Roes
(Regular) $108
珍珠賽螃帶子 - 例$108

Stir-fried Shark's Fin with Egg and Crabmeat
(Regular) $420
古法炒桂花翅 - 例$420

Steamed Japanese Bean Curd Stuffed with Shark's Fin and Dried Seafood
(Regular) $198
魚翅海味布袋 - 例$198

Braised Shark's Fin with Brown Sauce Topped with Steamed Egg White
(per person) $188
紅燒芙蓉翅 - 每位$188

Braised Conpoy and Bean Curd Soup with Bamboo Piths
(per person) $168
燕窩文絲乾貝湯 - 每位$168

Steamed Blended Chicken Breast with Bean Curd Topped with Shark's Fin
(Regular) $238
孔雀太子雞 - 例$238

Poached Vegetable with Shredded Yunnan Ham in Congee Base
(Regular) $98
粥油浸時菜 - 例$98

Barbecued Pork and Chicken Lard with Goose Liver
(per piece) $48

Chilled Duck Tongue with Chinese Herbs in Home-made Soya Sauce
(Regular) $88
五香鴨舌 - 例$88

Stir-fried River Shrimps with X.O. Chili Sauce
(Regular) $98
X.O.醬炒水晶蝦仁 - 例$98

Steamed Minced Scallop Filled with Goose Liver and Coated with Shredded Ham,
Sea Moss on the Bed of Carrot Sauce
(Regular) $138
黃金帶子釀鵝肝醬 - 例$138

Poached Crispy Rice in Supereme Broth with Lobster
(Market Price)
脆米龍蝦泡飯 - 時價

Deep-fried Blended Shrimp and Sole with Pine Nuts on the Bed of Sliced Duck Meat
(Regular) $98
崧子鴨方 - 例$98

All prices are subject to 10% service charge 以上價目需另加壹服務費