Thursday, 24 April 2008

Macau Immigration Investment Scheme will be suspend 澳門投資移民不重開 (澳门投资移民不重开)

Chief Executive Edmund Ho has announce the investment immigration scheme will be suspend and not be resume in the short time, due to the investment immigration policy help to pushes the property price rise to a level which is not reasonably for the majority of the locals to afford, and the large portion of the immigrants are low skilled as they cannot help contribute much to the Macau's future prospect of developments.

澳門行政長官何厚鏵表示短期內不考慮重開投資移民政策, 因為投資移民政策推高澳門樓價不合理飆升, 部分資質不高人士遷入澳門,對澳門社會的發展前景將會幫助不大。現在澳門投資移民中, 相當大的比例移民是文化素質和求職技能不高。