Monday, 21 April 2008

Tung Yee Heen at Grand Lapa Hotel 澳門金麗華酒店東怡軒 (澳门金丽华酒店东怡轩)

Located on the first floor of the Grand Lapa Hotel, Tung Yee Heen offers classic and modern Cantonese cuisine. It focuses on traditional gourmet Cantonese cuisine. Private rooms are available. Famous dishes include shark’s fin soup (either served with a clear soup or braised in brown sauce), braised whole king sized abalone, sauteed seasonal vegetables, fried rice, and bird’s nest soup with coconut milk. A reasonable selection of red and white from France, Italy, and the New Worlds are also available in the restaurant.

Address : 1st floor, Grand Lapa Hotel, 956-1110, Avenida Da Amizade, Macau
Tel : 793 3821

東怡軒位於澳門金麗華酒店一樓, 餐廳內淺色木製門牆, 舒適座椅和中國音樂營造浪漫氣氛。 餐廳主要供應傳統廣東美食, 並由中國各地搜羅最優質的材料。 著名菜式包括魚翅(清湯或棕色的燉湯), 原隻大鮑魚, 炒時菜, 炒飯及椰汁燕窩。 餐廳擁有多款法國、意大利及新世界酒區的精選紅白餐酒。

地址: 新口岸友誼大馬路956-1110號澳門金麗華酒店
電話: 793 3821