Friday, 30 May 2008

Celine Luberon Sulky Exclusively Available at DFS Worldwide - Celine 為DFS獨家設計 Luberon Sulky 開口式手提包 (Celine 为DFS独家设计 Luberon Sulky 开口式手提包)


For Autumn 2008, a rendez-vous has been made in the South of France: the sunny and colourful Luberon, highlighted by vintage CELINE American Sulky with a twist of freshness treatment.

The Luberon Sulk spirit combines both open and very roomy and convenient styles of bags, with refined metal pieces details, intentionally light to melt into the city crowd or for a holiday stroll.

A special exclusive colour within this worldwide line has been reserved to DFS with the all-over beige jacquard featuring a giant sulky framed by contrasting chocolate with accents of bronze leather.

來自巴黎的世界名牌 Celine 為DFS獨家設計的 Luberon Sulky 開口式手提包, 空間寬敞、非常實用, 精致的金屬配件點睛閃亮。 優雅的米色提花帆布, 裝點有醒目的 Celine 馬車圖案, 與巧克力色的鑲邊色彩呼應。 青銅色皮革裝飾。 獨特的圖案設計讓它在經典之中如此與眾不同。 化身精致優雅的知性女人, Celine DFS獨家版Luberon Sulky手提包給你更添時尚品位。