Friday, 8 August 2008

Vinum Fine Wine Merchants opens a new branch in Macau

Vinum Fine Wine Merchants from Singapore, is expanding aggressively into the region with a new branch in Macau open recently at the Four Seasons Shoppes.

It was attractive for the company to open a branch in Macau, with the wine tax rate of only 15 per cent and potential offered by a unique casino retail environment with a steady stream of wealthy mainland clients.

'Opening in Macau seemed like a good bet, pardon the pun,' says Mr Tay. After Hong Kong abolished wine taxes in February this year.' Vinum's executive director Jason Tay said. Vinum was excited about operating in a market with a high level of wine appreciation and collection.

Vinum Fine Wine Merchants was started in November 1995, a year after Les Amis opened.