Monday, 27 October 2008

Amazing Race Asia Season 3 - Macau Episode 驚險大挑戰亞洲版第3季 - 澳門站 (惊险大挑战亚洲版第3季 - 澳门站)


Teams travel by ferry to Macau, travel by pedicab to the fountain in Senado Square for their clue. The clue is simple - teams must head to Macau Tower, search the grounds for the next clue.

One person will require to climb to the top of the Macau Tower to obtain their next clue there, then makes it back down to their partner before presenting their next clue.

Geoff and Tisha choose to yield Henry and Bernie.

At Sai Van Lake, teams must select a dragon boat, paddle the boat around the buoy in the lake and return to the pier. Once they get back to the pier, they will be handed their next detour. Teams have the choice between Dance or Chance. In Dance, the team members must correctly perform and get every movement right for a lion dance routine. In Chance, teams must dress in formal attire and play a game of blackjack, they must beat the dealer 9 times before receiving their next clue. Sam & Vince, A.D. & Fuzzie, Henry & Bernie take their chance with Blackjack. Geoff & Tisha decide to rely on the lion dance. They will be award their next clue once they complete the task.

At A-Ma Cultural Village, teams must rearrange the 12 lanterns. Each paints with the animals in the Chinese zodiac. Team members must arrange them in their correct order, and they are given clues to assist them on this puzzle before being let into the Village and the Pit Stop. Filipino racers Geoff and Tisha are the first team to the Pit Stop.

Filipino racers Geoff and Tisha top Amazing Race Hong Kong and Macau leg, the couple each won a 40-inch Sony Bravia and a Sony Playstation 3.

1st - Geoff & Tisha (Philippines)
2nd - Vince & Sam (Hong Kong)
3rd - A.D. & Fuzzie (Singapore)
4th - Henry & Bernie (Malaysia)
5th - Ida & Tania (Malaysia)