Friday, 3 October 2008

Geishas available at Crown Macau Japanese Restaurant Tenmasa 澳門皇冠天政超豪盛宴, 日本浮世藝表演 (澳门皇冠天政超豪盛宴, 日本浮世艺表演)

Art of Geisha

The Crown Macau Tenmasa has welcome 4 geisha from the famed Matsunoya Geisha House in Tokyo between Sept 30 and Oct 6. The Geisha will be available exclusively entertain to select private parties. Four hour dinners and lunchtime events can also be arranged upon request. A minimum charge of MOP80,000 will be made per party of 12 and the geisha will be available to entertain and serve groups of up to 12 guests at a sitting. Each patron will receive a kanzashi – a classic geisha hairpiece traditionally given to the geisha’s best patrons, as a symbol of affection and their desire to see the patron again soon.

Celebrity Geisha Lady Mariko will leads these authentic artistes in classical songs and dances, poetry recital, the tea ceremony and the art of conversation. Lady Mariko and her 4 geisha at the same time will also accomplished players of traditional Japanese instruments.

Guest will be enjoy by a highly customized menu prepared by special guest - third generation Tenmasa founder Hashii Yoshiaki in partnership with Chef de Cuisine Noguchi Takenori, an 11-year veteran of the Tenmasa craft.

澳門皇冠天婦羅料理“天政”於9月30日至10月6日每晚呈獻4小時超豪盛宴, 邀請4位享負盛名的東京鬆野藝妓院(Matsunoya Geisha House)頂級藝妓在天政的“櫻”餐宴廳為貴賓獻技。 著名藝妓真理子(Mariko)將帶領多位出色正宗藝妓表演傳統歌舞, 演奏及茶道, 讓貴賓感受日本文化的風雅。 真理子及其他藝妓將為一席12人以內的貴賓獻技。 每席的最低消費為八萬澳門元, 包括盛會餐單由天政第3代主理人橋井良彰與資深總廚野口武則聯手設計。 賓客將獲贈精致"發簪"(Kanzashi) - 傳統上代表藝妓向心儀賓客的情意回饋。

藝妓自從數百年前開始已成為了日本文化的重要部分之一, “芸者”(藝妓)中的“芸”指“技藝”,而“者”字則是“人”或“從業人士”的意思。

Pic Source : Japundit