Wednesday, 8 October 2008

German Property franchiser Engel & Volkers enters Macau 德國安閣物業進軍澳門 (德国安阁物业进军澳门)

Engel & Völkers - Based in Germany, a property franchiser specializing in the luxury residential sector is to launch its first shop in Macau.

Located in Taipa, the shop is scheduled to open at the end of this month or early November. The property franchiser is now planning to open a second shop in 2009.

總部位於德國漢堡住宅代理行安閣物業(Engel & Völkers)最近正式進駐澳門, 首間分行於氹仔開設, 分行訂於10月下旬或11月初開幕, 安閣物業計劃於09年夏季開設第2間分行。