Monday, 3 November 2008

Masterchef Vitor Sobral brings his unique version of Portuguese cuisine to MGM Macau 葡國星級名廚Vitor Sobral澳門美高梅金殿獻技 (葡国星级名厨Vitor Sobral澳门美高梅金殿献技)

In conjunction with MGM's "Golden Harvest" Fall celebrations, MGM Grand Macau will show off Portuguese Masterchef Vitor Sobral at Rossio restaurant from 5th to 15th November.

Vitor Sobral's cooking style fuses traditional Portuguese with a modern twist. He uses the usual olive oil, wine, aromatic herbs and delivers it with a contemporary flair, presenting dishes such as his signature, Skate fish confit in extra virgin olive oil with dried apricots and pistachio.

MGM's Golden Harvest celebrations at Rossio restaurant include a diverse lunch and dinner menu - grilled tune with roasted sweet potato, mango, tomato and fig compote or cassava and ginger cake, lychee salad with rose petals, and more.

Tel : 8802 3888

澳門美高梅金殿將於11月份(由11月5日至15日), 推出名為豐盛金秋的一系列葡國美食, 美高梅金殿盛事餐廳將由蜚聲國際的名廚Vitor Sobral坐鎭炮製道地葡萄牙特色套餐。 包括葡式扒鮮魷沙律, 香煎銀鱈魚配番茄茸及香荽汁等。

Vitor Sabra曾於1999年被Portuguese Academy of Gastronomy評選為Chef Of The year, 並於2008年榮獲Wine Magazine頒發的Special Gastronomy Prize(Best of 2007)。

預約電話: 8802 3888