Monday, 16 February 2009

HNTV and MASTV officially launched its new 'Kung Fu' Channel in Macau 中華功夫衛星電視台澳門開播 (中华功夫卫星电视台澳门开播)

The formal inauguration of a new 'Kung Fu TV Channel" was held at the Macau Tower on the 16th Feb. It runs programs covering the people’s life and cultural insight, kung fu contests, efc. This new channel broadcast 24 hours of program a day.

The station is, as reported, to be run by China Henan TV Station and MASTV, which will mainly broadcast programs to viewers from Hong Kong and South East Asia Regions. The TV station will continue worldwide growth through expansion into Asian Pacific, European and US audiences.

中華功夫衛星電視台頻道以資訊、比賽、文化娛樂為主。 以文化, 競技, 益智, 知識類節目為主每天24小時滾動播放。 中華功夫衛星電視台初期開辦節目有“功夫CLUB”, “武林高手”, “武林探秘”, “功夫與養生”, “功夫SHOW”, “功夫茶”, “以武會友”, “武林快報”, “功夫劇場”等十個節目。節目每天廿四小時輪流播出。

中華功夫衛星電視台初期計劃在港澳及東南亞地區播出, 並逐步向亞太其他地區及歐美等地推廣。