Monday, 23 March 2009

Full Renovation of Sun Star City 信達城商場大改造 (信达城商场大改造)

A famous local shopping center 'Sun Star City', located at downtown Macau is now undergoing a total makeover. This renovation work will affect the entire shopping center. The purpose of the renovation is aim to develop the shopping center's identity and make it a sociable place.

The extension of the shopping mall calls for the creation of 80 new stores and the addition 4 levels of shopping spaces, with retailers specializing in female personal products, beauty and services on the 1st to 5th floors. Men's clothing on the 6th floor, gift shops on the 7th floor and a food court on the 8th floor.

Construction works were progressing well, the project will be finish after September this year. Sun Star City will offer its patrons a brand-new face after the extension and a comprehensive renovation.

有公司於2008年底, “豪擲”兩億購買中區信達城商場1至10樓業權, 把原來信達城商場上蓋部分寫字樓層改裝為商場。 今年9月以後信達城商場將由4層“增高”至8層, 並提供多80個舖位。 租戶對重整計劃信心十足, 已落訂“包起”四樓全層。 外界反應亦相當踴躍, 現時4至8樓共80個舖租已接到180個申請。

發展公司說, 選擇新租戶的條件以其經營資歷, 品牌, 店舖特色為主要考慮因素。

今後商場的1至5樓專售女裝及相關飾物, 化妝品等, 6樓售男裝及相關衣物, 7樓為精品, 8樓開闢為美食廣場。