Friday, 20 March 2009

'Inside Out' - A concept album for people in Macau 《回問》 一張屬於澳門人的概念大碟 (《回问》 一张属于澳门人的概念大碟)


'Inside Out'



Macau Creative annual project 'Inside Out'
The new album 'Tune to the heart', created by a group of young local artists in Macau is now released.

This CD is all made entirely in Macau, with over 100 local creative artists working together to express their feelings for Macau through music, writing, design and video. The eight-track CD tackles issues from traffic to gambling, through Rap, R&B, Rock, Pop and Pure Music which reflects the local lifestyle and sentiments of Macau people.

Each of the 8 songs is further presented in the artbook "Enter the Mind" visually via illustrations, comics, novel, poetry, prose and photography etc.

1. Ask Me
2. Divergence of Day and Night
3. Back and Forth
4. Boundary
5. Fight
6. House of Peeves
7. Spin
8. Voyage


《回問》CD內共收錄8首與澳門人息息相關的原創音樂, 曲風包括 Rap, R&B, Rock, Pop, Pure Music, 等類型。 當中有超過100位澳門創作人一齊通過音樂, 錄像圖文創作來表達他們對澳門的種種感覺。 圖文集《回話》包括插畫、漫畫、小說、詩詞、散文、攝影等創作。

1. 問我
2. 日夜分流
3. 前前後後
4. 界限
5. 鬧戰
6. 煩人之家
7. 轉
8. Voyage