Wednesday, 18 March 2009

More than 334,000 credit cards circulated in Macau 澳門發行個人信用卡逾33萬張 (澳门发行个人信用卡逾33万张)

According to the Monetary Authority of Macau (AMM), At the end of December 2008, the total number of personal credit cards in circulation reached 334,676, up 4.54% compare to the previous quarter.

For the fourth quarter of 2008 the number of credit card in Patacas, Hong Kong dollars and Renminbi were 271,401 (Up 5.68% qoq), 54,772 (down 0.47% qoq)and 8,503 (Up 2.3% qoq) respectively. Compared with the same period last year, the number of Pataca and Renminbi cards grew 4.27% and 17.14% respectively, whereas Hong Kong cards dropped 14.98%.

澳門金融管理局公布截至2008年12月底, 澳門直接或間接發行的個人信用卡共有33.4萬餘張, 其中澳門元卡27.1萬餘張, 港元卡5.4萬餘張及人民幣卡8500餘張。 2008年第四季澳門信用卡簽帳總額共16.1億澳門元, 較上季增加3.53%, 經澳門認可機構核發的信用卡信用額為59.4億澳門元, 較上季增加1.24%, 包括利息及費用在內的還款額合共15.7億澳門元。