Sunday, 29 March 2009

Taipa Central Park 氹仔中央公園 (氹仔中央公园)

Pic Source : dssopt


The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau said it will begin the construction of Taipa Central Park and the underground parking facilities at the second quarter of 2009.

The construction work includes the building of an artificial lake. This lake will serve as a swimming pool in the summer, and will become a scenic lake during non-swimming seasons. Other facilities built include a jogging route, a sheltered recreation area, gym area, a pet area and a children recreation area in order to meet the needs of Taipa’s rising population. The reading room which was planned previously, will be replace by a library with a site area of 2,200 square meters.

為配合氹仔新城區的持續發展以及增加區內的休憩設施和泊車空間, 土地工務運輸局將於2009年第二季, 動工興建氹仔成都街地下停車場及中央公園。

工程包括位於氹仔成都街及哥英布拉街之間, 佔地約2.8萬平方米地段將建造兩層地下停車場, 公共圖書館及地面的公園設施等。 公園內的人工湖夏季為泳池, 在非泳季則變為景觀池, 務求達到資源的善用。 公園其他公共設設施還包括: 設有林蔭步道, 乘涼休憩區及涼亭, 環園跑步徑, 健身設施區, 寵物活動區, 兒童遊戲區, 強身運動區, 露天綜合球場等, 以迎合氹仔人口不斷上升而增加對公共設施的需求。 原設計的閱覽室已改為面積較大的圖書館, 設於地庫一層, 建築面積約2,200平方米。