Sunday, 29 March 2009

France-Macau Business Association open for business 澳門法國商會辦事處啟用 (澳门法国商会办事处启用)

The France-Macau Business Association (FMBA) celebrated the opening of their office at the Macau Business Support Centre. The association will serve as a platform for information exchange and multi-dimensional support to line up business entities and interests, maintain a working relationship with the respective authorities and trade commissions from Macau, France and Hong Kong.

FMBA chairperson Pansy Ho said the main objective to open the office is to bring Macau and France closer and connect both country and region through the association's activities and programs. France-Macau Business Association (FMBA) was founded in October 2007.

澳門法國商會(FMBA)辦事處3月27日正式開幕, 辦事處設於澳門宋玉生廣場263號中土大廈19樓澳門商務促進中心。 該辦事處主要是為澳門, 法國及香港的商戶提供商業貿易交流和合作機會, 全面的資訊和技術支援。 澳門法國商會旨在增加和促進澳門和法國之間的商機, 及推動澳門法國之間的商貿交流和往來。 該會未來將與澳門, 法國及香港的商貿部門及行業社團單位透過參與及組織各項交流活動, 包括專題討論會, 研討會及商業配對等為該會會員帶來商業資訊。