Saturday, 28 March 2009

Wi-Fi Internet access throughout Macau 澳門計劃落實全市無線上網 (澳门计划落实全市无线上网)

The Macau Government is drafting a proposal to roll out Wi-Fi Internet access throughout the whole city. The Information Technology Development Division has revealed that the proposal will be announced in due course.

The Office has appointed a consulting firm to study on the way and mode of region-wide Wi-Fi Internet service.

澳門計劃落實全市無線上網。 澳門資訊科技發展處已委託顧問研究如何達致全市無線上網, 方案短期內會公佈。 電訊管理局會舉辦工作坊講解無線上網技術及網上保安守則。