Friday, 22 May 2009

Local communications company CTM partner in new HTC Magic 澳門電訊代理HTC Magic手機 (澳门电讯代理HTC Magic手机)


Macau communications company CTM held a “HTC Magic” lauch party on the 20th May, the company announced that it has been appointed as the exclusive distributor to introduce the new HTC Magic handset to Macau during the party.

HTC Magic is the world's first Chinese Android-powered smartphone, the phone will integrates innovative technology powered by CTM's 3G high-speed mobile broadband network. It features a large 3.2in touch-screen, a 3.2-megapixel camera, high-speed internet access, push email and satnav technology. It also provides the Google suite of services like Gmail, Search, YouTube and Maps.

澳門電訊假南灣門市舉行HTC Magic手機發布會, 展示全球首部中文介面的Android平台手機——HTC Magic, 即日起於全線門市接受預訂。 澳門電訊是HTC Magic澳門獨家代理商。 HTC Magic透過觸碰或多向操控的Trackball軌蹟球移動網頁, 搭配獨創放大鏡功能, 可輕鬆讀取網頁資訊, 操控更方便。 HTC Magic擁有強大的上網功能, 透過Google相關功能包括 Google Search、Google Maps等搜尋資訊。

澳門電訊表示希望日後與HTC進一步擴展友好合作關系, 配合HTC手機產品的創新技術、多元功能與個人化的設定, 打造更完美的流動通訊應用服務, 讓澳門居民時刻掌握通訊優勢以及體驗更多姿多采, 優質的流動網絡新生活。

澳門電訊推出優惠組合, 包括以2880澳門元優惠機價購買HTC Magic以及免費送一個月“無限量寬頻用量”。