Friday, 22 May 2009

Pacific Coffee will opens in Macau this June - Pacific Coffee 進軍澳門 (Pacific Coffee 进军澳门)

Pic Source : dchome

The largest and most renowned food and beverage group in Macau - Future Bright Group, is cooperating with Hong Kong famous coffee brand 'Pacific Coffee'. The coffee brand will open its first outlet in Macau this June, located at 39 Macau. The Pacific Coffee brand is being recognized as serving the best coffee in Hong Kong.

Pacific Coffee Company is a coffee shop group originating from Hong Kong, the company has grown rapidly with outlets in China and Singapore since it first came to Hong Kong in 1992.

澳門最大規模之飲食集團佳景集團, 現與香港著名連鎖咖啡店品牌 - Pacific Coffee簽定為期十年半的特許專營權合約, 全力將Pacific Coffee的優質咖啡業務拓展至澳門、珠海及廣州三地。 澳門首間分店將於2009年6月, 於新馬路39號(原麥當勞位置)開業。

Pacific Coffee自1992年至今一直發展迅速, 16年間已擁有超過80間店鋪分佈於香港、新加坡及中國內地。