Monday, 25 May 2009

Viva Macau announces Okinawa charters and new scheduled flights 非凡航空推出沖繩包機航線 (非凡航空推出冲绳包机航线)

Viva Macau has added more flights to its Tokyo, Jakarta, and Sydney routes, plus a new charter service to Okinawa. The new twice-weekly service to Okinawa will be start in June.

Flights from Macau to Tokyo will be increased from two to four times a week, Jakarta from four to five times a week, and Sydney from three to four times a week starting in July. The additional flights and Okinawa charter service would further strengthen Macau's connectivity to the world.

非凡航空宣佈, 增加往返東京、悉尼和雅加達各航點的航班次數, 並推出日本西南方的國際度假島嶼沖包機航線, 每週兩班。 沖繩包機服務成功開通後將為澳門開通一條全新航線。

澳門至東京航班, 將由每星期兩班增至四班。 悉尼由每星期三班增至四班。 澳門至雅加達則由每星期四班增至五班。