Tuesday, 30 June 2009

City of Dreams Welcomes One Millionth Guest 新濠天地歡迎第一百萬名賓客 (新濠天地欢迎第一百万名宾客)

City of Dreams announced that it welcomed its one millionth guest on Saturday, June 27. 27 days after its opening on June 1. More than 37,000 visitors a day on average have experienced this first-hand new entertainment resort.

The surprised one millionth guest couple - Mr. Au Yiu Hung and Ms. Cheng Shuk Yin, were greeted at the main entrance of City of Dreams by Mr. Greg Hawkins, President of City of Dreams, to mark this important milestone.

“It is our great pleasure to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Au to City of Dreams as our one millionth guest,” said Mr. Greg Hawkins. “It is a real achievement to have reached this landmark just 27 days since our opening. We are delighted with the customer interest generated so far by City of Dreams. Visitors are clearly eager to experience for themselves the wide range of entertainment experiences we have to offer at this amazing urban destination resort.”

新濠天地隆重宣佈自6月1日開幕典禮後的短短27天, 已在6月27日當天迎接其第一百萬名賓客。 新濠天地在開幕後的27天內, 每天平均吸引超過37000名賓客親臨體驗澳門這個嶄新、令人熱切期待的綜合休閒娛樂度假熱點。

驚喜萬分的第一百萬名賓客夫婦 - 歐耀雄先生及鄭淑賢女士, 由新濠天地總裁賀堃先生在新濠天地的大門親自迎接。

新濠天地之總裁賀堃先生說: 「我們非常榮幸可以歡迎我們的第一百萬名賓客歐氏夫婦蒞臨新濠天地。 自開幕後的短短27天內, 我們已經接待了超過一百萬名賓客, 實在是一個令人鼓舞的佳績。 我們就賓客對新濠天地的興趣和支持感到萬分雀躍。 賓客均被新濠天地應有盡有的精彩娛樂體驗所吸引, 親身前來體驗這個魅力非凡的綜合旅遊度假區。」