Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mandarin Oriental Macau rebranded as "The Grand Lapa Hotel" 澳門文華東方酒店易名 (澳门文华东方酒店易名)

Mandarin Oriental International Limited wholly-owned subsidiary, Mandarin Oriental Holding Company Limited (MOHCL) has completed the sale of its 50 percent interest in Mandarin Oriental Macau to Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau (STDM).

The hotel will be rebranded as The Grand Lapa Hotel, which will be with effect from August 1. The Group will continue to manage the hotel for a period of up to two years, to ensure a smooth transition of operations to the new owner.

From 2010 the group will manage a new 215-room Mandarin Oriental hotel currently being built at the "One Central" complex.

信德集團2009年1月宣佈在取得獨立股東批准之情況下, 向澳娛出售集團所擁有澳門文華東方酒店50%權益。 由於位於壹號廣場之新文華東方酒店快將開幕, 出售決定有利集團進一步理順酒店業務。

座落於澳門市中心的澳門文華東方酒店將重新命名為"The Grand Lapa Hotel"。 位於壹號廣場之新文華東方酒店, 發展商邀請世界級著名建築師操刀將酒店大樓設計成地標式建築物, 新文華東方將會提供210個六星級豪華酒店房間及80個服務式住宅單位, 預計2009年落成。