Friday, 19 June 2009

Mercedes-Benz launch new E-Class family in Macau - Mercedes-Benz 澳門旅遊塔新車體驗會 (Mercedes-Benz 澳门旅遊塔新车体验会)

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz marked the launch of the new E-Class family on the 5th June, comprising both the Saloon and Coupe, at the Macau Tower Convention and Exhibition center.

Dr. Claus Weidner, the Chief Operating Officer of Mercedes-Benz said the company has improved the already exemplary, outstanding comfort and safety of the E-Class even further, principally through the use of intelligent bodyshell technology. E-Class Saloon will mainly target to the profressional executives, while the E-Class Coupe will target to the wealthy young consumers.

Mercedes-Benz new E-Class key features include:
- a drowsiness detection system Attention Assist
- Adaptive Highbeam Assist
- Night View Assist Plus
- Day time LED driving lights
- Further improved suspension with adaptive shock absorbers
- Luxury individual rear seats

Mercedes-Benz 於6月5日在澳門旅遊塔舉行新車體驗會, 正式推出E系列兩款新車 - 全新E系豪華房車及轎車。

Mercedes-Benz營運總裁Dr. Claus Weidner認為, E-Class Saloon以專業人士和行政人員為主, 面對可靠性、設計、舒適度以及安全性能有要求的客戶。 而E-Class Coupe設計相對更加動感時尚, 客戶主要對駕駛動力、安全性能以及舒適度有所要求, 尤其是有一定經濟能力的年輕人。

- 專注力警示系統Attention Assist
- 自動調節高燈輔助系統Adaptive Highbeam Assist
- 夜視輔助系統Night View Assist Plus
- LED日間駕駛燈day time LED driving lights
- 經改良的懸掛系統配備可調式吸震器
- 豪華獨立後排座椅