Tuesday, 21 July 2009

DJ Moretts at Club Cubic


A brilliant and promising DJ, Moretts has been elected as one of the best Electro House DJ’s in Asia and South America. After years in establishing his unique techniques of mixing to create a joyful and irresistible atmosphere, DJ Moretts was acknowledged for his talent and continues turning each venue at which he performs into a perfect micro-cosmos of harmony and music.

被評為全亞洲頂尖Electro House的DJ之一, DJ Moretts自巴西出道, 在亞洲和南美洲具有很大影響力。 DJ Moretts憑借多年來精心打造的音樂風格, 熱情和感性的混音帶動瘋狂的人群在舞池裡搖擺。

Time: Thursday 23th and 30th July
Location : Cubic Club

- Free Drink for all lady from 23pm to 2am