Thursday, 30 July 2009

Grand Waldo Complex renovation 澳門金都娛樂場翻新計劃 (澳门金都娱乐场翻新计划)

Get Nice Holdings announced that the company will plans to renovate the casino block at Grand Waldo Complex into a retail outlet mall, with gross floor area of approximately 600,000 sq feet which will provide retail outlet shops for selling off-season luxury brand name products. The management believes that this Outlet Project has its unique feature in Macau where there is no similar project under operation.

As a result of the Outlet Project, the casino currently located at the casino block will be move to the hotel block of the Grand Waldo Complex, which will occupy a gross floor area of approximately 40,000 sq feet. However, there will not be any significant change in the number of gambling tables and slot machines at the new casino area. It is expected that the Outlet Project and the removal of the casino will be completed by the first quarter of year 2010.

結好控股宣佈將澳門金都娛樂場大樓翻新, 將澳門金都娛樂場計劃翻新為一個建筑面積達約60萬平方尺的大型專賣店商場, 商場內將有多間專賣店發售過季名牌產品, 金都名店倉並委托香港太平洋將協助規劃和管理名店倉項目, 預期將於2010年首季前完成。 現時座落於娛樂場大樓內的該娛樂場, 將遷至金都綜合樓內的酒店大樓, 賭檯與角子機的數目將不會有重大改變。