Thursday, 9 July 2009

Macau became one the highest and fastest exhibition growth in Asia 澳門會展業成長快速 (澳门会展业成长快速)

According to the findings of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry's (UFI) study for Asia, the year 2008 marked Macau one the highest and fastest exhibition growth rates in Asia, which had growth for 67% compare to the previous year. One of the reason is due to the opening of new venue at the Venetian in 2007.

In regards to the number of congressional conventions held, it is estimated there will be about 1300 to be held in Macau here in 2009. The Convention and Exhibition Industry will continue to experience the vibrant and prosperous development in the next 3 to 5 years, at the same time facing plenty of opportunities and challenges ahead.

國際展覽業協會(UFI)公佈2008年“亞洲展覽產業報告”, 澳門是亞洲展覽產業成長最快速三大地區。 展覽產業面積分別較2007年增69%。 澳門會展業者認為未來3至5年, 在澳辦展總面積年均增長仍可保持20%-30%。 今年會議數目料全年可達1300個。

澳門展貿協會認為, 去年澳門展覽面積爆炸性增長, 一方面是會展業剛起步。 另一方面, 2007年8月威尼斯人度假村逾10萬平方米展覽場地啟用後, 也是澳門會展發展迅速的原因之一。