Monday, 27 July 2009

Open for Linkin Park's August 16th Show in Macau 為林肯公園演出開始部分 (为林肯公园演出开始部分)

Photobucket, in association with The Venetian are organizing an online band search to find the best local band to open for the 2 time Grammy award winning rock band Linkin Park during their concert at CotaiArena.

The winning band will get to play a 30 minute opening set at the Linkin Park concert at CotaiArena. Online Users will help to choose the band that opens for Linkin Park in an online poll from August 1st to 9th (The deadline for registering is July 31st). Any relevant musical act in Macau or Hong Kong is invited to participate in the contest. Linkin Park will then choose the winning band from the top five user vote earners.


alivenotdead.com與威尼斯人正在網上搜尋一隊本地最好的樂隊, 於2009年8月16日為曾兩次獲取格萊美獎的Linkin Park在金光綜藝館演唱會的演出開始部分。 獲選樂隊將會在Linkin Park的澳門演唱會中, 演奏30分鐘的開幕式。 會員可在網上幫忙林肯公園投出他們的開始演出樂隊。 網上投票時間由8月1日至9日。 任何澳門或香港的音樂發燒友都可以參加比賽 (最後的登記日期是7月31日)。 Linkin Park將會從獲得最高票數的五隊樂隊中挑選勝出樂隊。