Monday, 24 August 2009

Adrien Allain Wins 2009 Asian Poker Tour Macau 亞洲撲克巡回賽澳門站法國選手奪冠 (亚洲撲克巡回赛澳门站法国选手夺冠)


The Asian Poker Tour at the Galaxy StarWorld Hotel and Casino was ended on Sunday 23th August. This year the event attracts a total of 326 entrants at the Asian Poker Tour Macau main event including the likes of Johnny Chan and the ‘Poker Pack’ – a group of six pros heralding from Asia, to enjoy a total prize pool of MOP $11 million.

23-year-old French Adrien Allain from Rennes is the 2009 Asian Poker Tour Macau Festival Main Event Champion. Allain banked US $0.39million for his efforts, which equates to MOP$3.03 million at current exchange ranges. "I'm overwhelmed, this is so wonderful," the Rennes, France native said. "I qualified for this tournament through a $5 lottery tournament on PKR and end up beating all these top players."

The runner-up was Inwook Choi from Korea. Choi got his money in with the best hand after pushing with AQ but Allain spiked a 3 on the flop and his A3 was enough to take the title.

Arguably the most successful player at the final table and holds two World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, J.C. Tran came third on the table and was eliminated from the tournament when Choi and Allain checked the action down on a board of A-J-10-9-8.

2009 Asian Poker Tour Macau Festival - Final table Price Money (in US dollar)
1st - Adrien Allain (FR) $391,556
2nd - Inwook Choi (SK) $214,158
3rd - JC Tran (USA) $117,470
4th - David Steicke (Hong Kong) $91,378
5th - Chris Chau (Hong Kong) $65,279
6th - Michael Woo (Hong Kong) $52,223
7th - Christer Hallberg (Sweden) $39,167
8th - Winfred Yu (Hong Kong) $26,112
9th - Casey Kastle (Slovenia) $16,996

為期12天, 有326名選手參加的亞洲撲克巡回賽澳門站比賽落下帷幕。 來自法國的年輕選手Adrien Allain擊敗眾多頂尖高手獨得39.1萬美元冠軍獎金。 來自韓國的Choi in Wook取得第二名和21.4萬美元獎金, 第三名為美國的JC.Tran, 取得11.7萬美元獎金。

決賽桌的比賽十分激烈, 9個人很快就有人被淘汰出局。 在剩下的三個人中, 韓國選手Choi In Wook頭一天仍然排在第一位。 此時美國選手JC Tran的籌碼明顯少於韓、法二選手, 於是,韓、法二選手抓住JC Tran一次all in的機會, 心照不宣地同時跟進一舉將JC Tran踢出局。 於是,韓、法兩國選手進入了冠亞軍決賽。 一個微妙的細節使得這場對決很快決出了勝負。 發牌員翻出5張公共牌, Wook手上是A、Q, 除一張共有的A外, 赫然有一張3! 於是Allain以雙A、雙3勝出, 比賽就此結束。

決賽最終名單及獎金 (美元)
1 Adrien Allain - 法國 $391,556
2 Choi In Wok - 韓國 $214,158
3 JC Tran - 美國 $117,470
4 David Steicke - 香港 $91,378
5 Christopher Chau - 英國 $65,279
6 Michael Woo - 香港 $52,223
7 Casey Kastle - 斯洛文尼亞 $39,167
8 Winfred Yu - 香港 $26,112
9 Christer Hallberg - 瑞典 $16,996