Friday, 21 August 2009

DJ Cash Money at Club Cubic


DJ Cash Money - Winner of the the new music seminar DJ championship in New York, the DMC American Mixing Championship in Los Angeles and the DMC World supremacy DJ Championship in London. He will be perform at Cubic Club in Macau end of this August. Since winning all three championships, DJ Cash Money now judges DJ contests world-wide. His unique mixing style and raw innovation on the turntables brought him to billboard charting singles such as 'Ugly People Be Quiet', 'Find an Ugly Woman' and 'Where’s The Party At?'

DJ Cash Money was inducted into the DMC – Technics hall of fame in 1998.

來自美國費城, 在1980年代連續贏得NMS、DMC世界大賽冠軍頭銜, 以及在大洋彼岸的英國倫敦舉行的DMC World Supremacy DJ Championship冠軍 - "DJ Cash Money" 將會在 Club Cubic 現場演出。 "DJ Cash Money" 是DJ發展史上唯一的"三冠王"。 同時是傳奇式地下卡帶"Old School Need To Learn O-Plot II"的監制人。

DJ Cash Money 1998年成為著名的Turntalble制造商Technics推薦DJ Hall of Fame (DJ名人堂)的第一人。

Time: Friday Night (Saturday Morning) 28th August
Location : Cubic Club
DJ Show Time - 2am to 4:30am

- Members Complimentary entry all night
- Before 12:30 - Complimentary entry for all on guest list
- After 12:30 - $200 for non members (included 2 standard drinks)