Sunday, 6 September 2009

Chef Martin Yan Becomes City of Dreams Ambassador - 國際名廚甄文達先生擔任新濠天地餐饗及時尚品味大使 (国际名厨甄文达先生担任新濠天地餐飨及时尚品味大使)

Pic Source : City of Dreams

Chef Martin Yan - the celebrated host of the classic cooking show "Yan Can Cook" and an internationally recognized chef, has become the third honorary recipient of City of Dreams Ambassador Awards representing Culinary and Lifestyle.

Chef Yan accepted his Ambassador Honor at his special visit to City of Dreams, where he shared his cooking philosophy with the Chef Dream Team.

“Martin is recognized not only for his exceptional culinary talent and artistry, but also for his personal charisma that have won him the heart of millions of fans,” said Mr. French. “He is a pioneer in introducing Asian cooking to the West, and his acceptance of our invitation to become an honorary ambassador of City of Dreams is a true testament to us as an ultimate culinary destination to savour.”

Chef Yan said with his signature vitality, “City of Dreams is truly a place for diners who are seeking the finest culinary experience. It brings together the best chefs in the region and cuisines that are both original and tantalizing.”

享譽國際盛名的名廚兼經典廚藝節目《Yan Can Cook》主持甄文達先生, 最近獲新濠天地頒授榮譽大使名銜, 以彰顯其餐饗及時尚品味。 甄文達先生在新濠天地接獲大使名銜後, 與新濠天地的廚師夢幻團隊分享其烹飪哲學。

高雋曄先生表示 :「甄文達先生的廚藝及才能一向超卓, 其個人魅力亦贏盡無數支持者的愛戴。 甄文達先生是把亞洲廚藝引進西方的先驅, 今次甄文達先生接受新濠天地的邀請擔任榮譽大使, 絕對引證了新濠天地對餐饗美饌的極致追求。」

甄文達先生說 :「新濠天地匯聚亞洲名廚, 為嚮往美饌之旅客帶來真正的餐饗享受, 其特選佳餚別具創意, 為食客帶來震撼味蕾的體驗。」