Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Construction of Taipa Central park begins 氹仔中央公園動土 ( 氹仔中央公园动土)

The foundation ceremony for the construction of the underground car park and garden located in Taipa was held on the 17th September. The project is set to be completed within the next 3 years.

The scope of work consists in building an underground car park and a garden, equipped with various facilities in an area of land of approximately 28,000 square meters.

The construction of the park is based on residents concerns to meet the needs of Macau’s rising population. The project will include plenty of trees and other facilities in order to create a green and welcoming environment.

氹仔成都街停車場及公園建造工程9月17日進行動土儀式。 佔地面積達28000平方米並設置層停車場和多種設施的公園, 預計三年內竣工。

鑑於氹仔區人口增長, 社區本身以及旅遊業的持續發展,針對遊客、居民和商戶的需要, 政府近年不斷完善區內的基礎建設,以迎合民生基本需要和未來區內持續發展之需。 氹仔成都街公園是政府為配合氹仔發展及改善居民居住環境的其中一項大型的民生基建工程。 為了善用土地資源以及令推出的工程項目最終能最大程度地符合市民用家的需要, 土地工務運輸局於2007開始著手研究中央公園興建的方案。