Friday, 9 October 2009

Grand Hyatt Macau at City of Dreams 新濠天地君悅酒店 (新濠天地君悦酒店)

Courtesy of City Of Dreams

City of Dreams and Hyatt Hotels & Resorts recently opened Grand Hyatt Macau to the public. This new hotel is focused on the leisure customer and business traveler.

Approaching Grand Hyatt Macau, guests are greeted by hotel hosts and guided into the vast lobby, with its staggering, six-storey, approximately 22-meter high ceiling. Water cascades over a giant stainless steel hemisphere, while above it, curved ribbons of stainless steel shower down from an illuminated cloud motif in the ceiling.

For guests, this eye-catching assemblage is just a taste of the aesthetic and spatial drama to follow. Strikingly high ceilings and an abundance of glass and natural daylight feature throughout the contemporary hotel, creating an exceptionally spacious, luxurious atmosphere.

Above the entrance area, the entire second level of the hotel is dedicated to event space. The colossal, pillar-less Grand Ballroom with its approximately eight-meter high ceiling, can accommodate approximately 2,500 people in a theater style and approximately 1,500 people for a banquet style. The Grand Ballroom can also easily divide into four soundproof sections, each with individual control rooms.

Next door, Salão do Teatro is equally impressive. Translating as „show theater‟ in Portuguese, Salão do Teatro is the first event space of its kind, featuring an open show kitchen capable of accommodating up to 50 chefs at a time, and is the only ballroom in Macau blessed that offers natural daylight.

For more informal events, the Pool Deck on Level 3 is an ideal alfresco location and one of the largest outdoor events venues in Macau. Centered around an approximately 40-meter aqua green-tiled swimming pool, the Pool Deck features a stylish water lounge that submerges loungers in shallow water, eight private VIP cabanas and expansive landscaped gardens that can cater a barbecue for up to 500 guests. Adjacent to the Pool Deck is Poolside, an additional outdoor dining area that can accommodate to up to 120 guests.

For its two main restaurants, Grand Hyatt Macau has been inspired by two award-winning eateries in its sister hotels. Beijing Kitchen on Level 1 replicates the highly successful format of Grand Hyatt Beijing‟s Made in China restaurant, and is one of the signature restaurants at City of Dreams. Open 24 hours, the 225-seat restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining and specialises in authentic Northern Chinese fare.

Meanwhile, mezza9 Macau on Level 3, has been inspired by the famous mezza9 at Grand Hyatt Singapore and focuses on South-East Asian fare with an international influence. Created by the cutting edge Japanese interior design firm SuperPotato, the space is defined by giant roughly-hewn granite blocks creating counters and lining walls, as well as an array of lattice-patterned screens.

At the heart of the hotel is the Lobby Lounge, which comprises two separate components. Beneath the sweeping staircase, a 118-seat wine and champagne bar with live music and is the ideal gathering venue. Meanwhile, in the main lobby itself—highlighted by a striking cluster of burnt orange pendant lights—a coffee bar and patisserie specializes in traditional Portuguese egg tarts, as well as pastries, cakes and homemade chocolates.

Those who prefer to unwind at a more leisurely pace may prefer Isala Spa. Spread over approximately 25,000 square-foot (2,323 square meters), Isala Spa includes 15 treatment rooms and suites, six of which are designed for couples. Each spa suite includes a private bathroom and the majority feature natural daylight. Elsewhere in the spa, guests can indulge themselves in whirlpools, steam rooms and freeze showers. There is also a dedicated foot massage room overlooking private landscaped gardens.

新濠天地與凱悅酒店集團旗下澳門君悅酒店於較早前正式開業。 澳門君悅酒店將專注服務休閒及商務之旅客。

澳門君悅酒店寛敞的大堂樓底高達約22米。 巨型不鏽鋼流水地球儀上方是繪雲有彩的天花和不鏽鋼絲帶形垂墜裝飾。
通過氣派非凡的酒店大堂, 客人即可感受到酒店超凡的品味。 特高樓底加上大量玻璃裝飾結合天然光線, 令酒店充滿現代感,廣闊的空間和洋溢著奢華的氣息。

酒店2樓全層均為活動場地。寛敞的大型無柱宴會廳樓底高達約8米, 可擺放約2,500個劇院式座位, 或容納約1,500人進行宴會。 大宴會廳可分間為4個隔音區域, 每區均附有獨立控制室。

隔鄰的盛會廳Salão do Teatro亦同樣令人眼前一亮。 Salão do Teatro葡語解作「劇院」, 是澳門首個同類型活動場地,其開放式廚房可讓約50位大廚同時獻技, 亦是澳門唯一擁有自然光的宴會廳。

舉辦較輕鬆的活動, 可選擇3樓的池畔帄臺。 該處是全澳門最大的戶外活動場地之一, 以一個約40米恆溫泳池為中心, 淺水區設有特色水中酒吧, 池邊為八間私人池畔小屋及戶外花園, 總共可容納約500位賓客。 旁邊的池畔, 可容納約120人的戶外餐飲區。

澳門君悅酒店兩間主題餐廳,靈感來自姊妹酒店的兩間得獎食肆。 一樓的滿堂彩仿效北京東方君悅大酒店長安壹號餐廳的成功例子, 是新濠天地的特色餐廳之一。 滿堂彩24小時營業, 設有225個座位, 客人可選擇在室內或室外享用正宗北方佳餚。

三樓的mezza9 Macau秉承新加坡君悅酒店著名食府mezza9, 提供國際口味的東南亞菜式。 在日本時尚室內設計公司SuperPotato發揮創意下, mezza9 Macau的櫃面採用凹击有緻的花崗石, 配上襯布牆身和一系列金屬格子屏風。

酒店中央的大堂酒廊由兩個部份組成。 樓梯下設有118個座位的香檳吧。 香檳吧伴以傳統中樂現場演奏。 酒店大堂以裝上奪目的金黃色吊燈, 並附有咖啡廳及精餅店, 出售正宗葡式蛋撻、各色西餅、自製巧克力等。

對於喜歡在休閒的環境下放鬆身心的客人, 怡‧水療中心可能是更佳選擇。 怡‧水療中心面積約達25,000帄方呎(2,323帄方米), 內設15間寬敞套房(其中6間可同時為兩位客人服務), 每間均設獨立浴室, 大部份能享受到充足天然光。 水療中心內並設有按摩池、蒸氣房、冷凍淋浴設施, 而在腳部按摩室, 客人更可邊享受按摩, 邊欣賞內園景緻。