Friday, 9 October 2009

Macau First ever "Murder Mystery Dinner" 澳門首次上演神秘謀殺案晚宴 (澳门首次上演神秘谋杀案晚宴)

La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs - Bailliage National de Macau, in partnership with Galaxy Starworld Hotel and Casino is proud to present Macau's first ever "Murder Mystery Dinner". The Murder Mystery Dinner was first introduced in the UK twenty years ago.

La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is an international society dedicated to the promotion of the culinary and hospitality arts and enology (the art of wine making) through example, education and camaraderie.

Show Name: Murder at the Casino Fatale

Murder at the Casino Fatale -
You can bet your life you will have an evening to die for.

The year: 1965
The Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
The Venue: Casino Fatale

Detective Slate took the call in his squad car. There had been a murder at the Casino Fatale and he was to get there without delay!

There, slumped at the Blackjack table covered in a sheet, was the corpse. Who was the deceased? Why was “he” here?

Perhaps it was Doris Knight, the veteran waitress. Maybe it was Herman Kaplowski, the nervous Blackjack dealer. Alfred Twittington III, the wealthy Hong Kong tourist is another suspect, as is his wife, Abigail Twittington III.

Who committed the murder and why? And why, oh why, did this have to happen on Slates’ shift?

Date: Saturday, 17 October
Time: 19:30
Organizer: La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Bailliage de Macau
Venue: Grand Ballroom, Galaxy Starworld Hotel, Macau
Tel: 2875 0707
Price: $1450 per guest
- The price includes a delicious 4-course dinner, fine wines, the murder mystery casino show and a themed welcome drink - but no bribe money!

W i n e s
(Included in the package)
The White Wolf Riesling 2007
Villa Wolf, Dr. Loosen

Santa Cristina 2007

M e n u
Diamond Forever
Scallop Carpaccio
& Citrus Ginger Marinated Salmon
* * *
Donny 6Finger’s Favourite
Crustacean Bisque
with a Touch of XO
* * *
The Immortal Murder
Seared Beef Medaillons
in Pine Nut Crust
* * *
The Demon
Pistachio Parfait
& Cape Berry Compote