Thursday, 22 October 2009

Rediscover Guangzhou Cuisine with Special Guest Master Chef Wong Mau 新濠天地客席名廚王茂師傅精心主理粵菜 (新濠天地客席名厨王茂师傅精心主理粤菜)

Pic Source : City of Dreams

City of Dreams presented a truly indulgent offering for food connoisseurs in conjunction with City of Dreams’ participation at Wine & Gourmet Asia 2009. The gastronomic indulgence features the forgotten flavors of 1949 Guangzhou cuisine rediscovered by Master Chef Wong Mau; his son, Mr. Wong Wai Pang, Chef de Partie of Lung Hin, City of Dreams and Mr. Tam Kwok Fung, Executive Chinese Chef, City of Dreams.

Well-known for his talent and great knowledge of Chinese cooking, 98 year-old Master Chef Wong Mau is an esteemed Guangzhou Master Chef. The classic Guangzhou menu recalls the flavors and techniques of Southern Chinese cuisine dating from six decades ago, including specialties Pi Pa Sharks fin custard and the Fish Dumplings with Chrysanthemum.

Master Chef Wong Mau enjoyed explaining the origins of the special dishes and sharing stories of his rich culinary history. “It has always been my pleasure to reintroduce these lost flavors to my guests. Guangzhou dishes have an array of wonderful tastes that until now have been untapped. I invite you to come to City of Dreams and try them for yourself.” said Master Chef Wong Mau.

The Lung Hin promotion will be featured until November 30, 2009.

Master Chef Wong’s 1949 Guangzhou Forgotten Flavors Menu
* Treasury Duck Roll - MOP$88
* Pi Pa Shark’s Fin Custard - MOP$138
* Fired Egg with Superior Shark’s Fin - MOP$380
* Braised Duck Soup - MOP$68
* Braised Fish Head Soup - MOP$68
* Stir-fried fillet of Snake with Vegetables - MOP$168
* Braised Winter Melon with Crab meat Sauce - MOP$168
* Stir-fried Chicken with Bamboo Shoot - MOP$138
* Fish Dumplings with Chrysanthemum - MOP$88
* Stewed Duck with Taro - MOP$98
* Steamed Pork Patties – Traditional Style - MOP$88
* Stewed Beef Brisket with Soy paste and herbs - MOP$88

Master Chef Wong’s Set Menu Available at Lung Hin
Set menu for 4 people MOP 980+
* Pi Pa Shark’s Fin Custard
* Braised Duck Soup
* Braised Winter Melon with Crab meat Sauce
* Stir-fried Chicken with Bamboo Shoot
* Fish Dumplings with Chrysanthemum
* Stewed Duck with Taro
* Stewed Beef Brisket with Soy paste and herbs
* Traditional Dessert of the day

適逢2009亞洲美食佳釀展, 新濠天地宣佈推出特色菜單慶祝參與今次盛會。 客席名廚王茂師傅及其現任新濠天地之龍軒高級廚師的兒子王偉鵬先生, 與新濠天地之中菜行政總廚譚國鋒先生聯手炮製一系列精心烹調的特色粵菜, 讓廣大食客重新細味被遺忘的1949年粵菜佳肴。

年屆98歲高齡的王茂師傅廚藝精湛, 擁有淵博的粵菜知識, 是一位享負盛名的粵菜大師。 王茂師傅主理的傳統粵式美饌, 將令顧客細味六十年前中國南方菜色獨有的味道及烹調技藝, 而特色菜餚包括香煎琵琶翅及菊花鯪魚球等。

廚藝大師王茂師傅享受與人分享各款特色菜餚的起源, 以及細訴其大廚生涯精彩的點滴故事。 廚藝大師王茂師傅說:「我一直感到十分榮幸, 可向食客重新介紹那些被遺忘了的美食。 粵菜有許多精彩的美食佳餚, 迄今一直沒有得到發掘。 我誠意邀請您蒞臨新濠天地, 親自細味品嚐。」

廚藝大師王茂師傅的巧手名菜由即日起在「龍軒」供應, 直至11月30日為止。

* 四寳川鴨卷 MOP$88
* 香煎琵琶翅 MOP$138
* 桂花炒魚翅 MOP$380
* 菊花鴨絲羹 MOP$68
* 豬腦魚雲羹 MOP$68
* 七彩炒蛇絲 MOP$168
* 蟹皇扒瓜匍冬瓜仔 MOP$168
* 冬筍炒雞球 MOP$138
* 菊花鯪魚球 MOP$88
* 荔芋燜鴨煲 MOP$98
* 古法蒸肉餅 MOP$88
* 原汁柱侯牛腩 MOP$88

Set menu for 4 people MOP $980+
* 香煎琵琶翅
* 菊花鴨絲羹
* 蟹皇扒瓜匍 冬瓜仔
* 冬筍炒雞球
* 菊花鯪魚球
* 荔芋燜鴨煲
* 原汁柱侯牛腩
* 天的傳統点心