Thursday, 1 October 2009

TDM will launch new TV channels 澳廣視推出4條新頻道 (澳广视推出4条新频道)

TDM - one of Macau's TV broadcaster, will launch a satellite television channel on October 1. To represent Macau in all its diversity, the broadcaster will introduce three new channels and plans to develop existing channels, in particular the English TDM News which will serve as a platform between China, Portuguese speaking countries and expatriated Chinese.

TDM-Macau Satellite will provide audiences with news reports in Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese and English. The new satellite TV channel is delivered via AsiaSat5 to the Asia-Pacific region.

TDM will also extend the English news to 30 minutes and it will start with some local production, such as interviews and talk shows in English, so that people around the world can know more about Macau and what’s happening in Macau.

TDM will begin transmitting CCTV News on an individual TV channel on October 1. There will also be another channel that TDM will re-broadcast, the CCTV News channel, and a 24 hour news channel in Mandarin which will bring world news to the Macau people. TDM will also start two local TV channels, ‘TDM Sport’ and ‘TDM Life’, showcasing international and local sport events, as well as local lifestyle and community issues to residents using local productions.

澳廣視將在10月相繼推出4條新頻道。 這4條新頻道是“澳門衛視”、“澳視新聞”、“澳視體育”和“澳視生活”。

澳廣視在10月1日推出首個衛星電視頻道「澳門衛視」, 將通過亞洲5號衛星傳送到各地。 而新增的三個地面數碼發射電視頻道, 其中一個獨立頻道會24小時轉播中央電視台新聞頻道, 將與「澳門衛視」同日推出。 而另外兩個地面數字頻導 - 「澳視體育」會先在10月9日推出, 「澳視生活」就會在10月26號推出。