Friday, 23 October 2009

Vietnam-Macau Opportunities for Investment and Trade 促進越南-澳門經貿合作座談會 (促进越南-澳门经贸合作座谈会)

Secretary for Economy and Finance of Macao SAR, Dr. Francis Tam Pak Yuen was present at the seminar "Vietnam-Macau Opportunities for Investment and Trade", jointly organized by the Consulate of Vietnam in Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR, Vietnam Quang Ninh Provincial People's Communities and Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute.

Speaking at the seminar, Secretary Tam said that Vietnam is one of the members of ASEAN and an important partner of Macau in the fostering of relationship with the member-countries of ASEAN. He said that there has been a further reinforcement of the trade and economic relationship between Vietnam and Macau in recent years and hoped that through this seminar, said cooperation would be further deepened and developed.

Representatives of the Consulate-General of Vietnam in Hong Kong and Macau, Finance Department of the Vietnam Government and Vietnam Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee made a presentation on Vietnam and the policy adopted by the country in the attraction of foreign investment for industrial development.

澳門經濟財政司司長譚伯源出席“促進越南-澳門經貿合作座談會”, 該會旨在探討澳門與越南的經濟合作, 活動由越南駐香港和澳門總領事館、越南廣寧省人民政府和澳門貿易投資促進局主辦。

譚伯源致辭時表示, 越南作為東盟其中一個重要的成員, 是澳門加強與東盟合作的重要夥伴。 近年來澳門與越南經貿及文化交往密切, 希望透過會議進一步推進兩地合作深化發展。 越南駐香港和澳門總領事館、越南財政部及越南廣寧省人民政府等各相關人士對越南經貿發展及產業政策做了介紹, 希望廣泛引進投資合作。